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You are required to thoroughly read some VTI Group policies about diversity given in Appendix A. These policies are in line with Federal and State Government policies. After you have read the policies, consider the seniorio below:

You have received the email from your director. He indicates that over the past few weeks there have been numerous issues within your team that need to be managed in compliance with our diversity policy. He has also appointed you as the team leader to address all diversity issues as they areise. You will need to analyze the diversity issues and implement changes (if any) t the current diversity policy to address these.

Overview of diversity issues:
Sarah is a new member of the IT team. She is very possessive about the religion and has strong religious beliefs. She has recently expressed concern about Kelly, one of the other IT members, who is openly gay. Sarah is having a hard time accepting that he has to work with Kelly. She has asked you to remove her from the ongoing project immediately. Both Sarah and Kelly have critical skills sets that are needed for the project to succeed.

Last week there was an IT team activity day that included lunch. Irene, who was in charge of organising the catering for the small team event, neglected to find out whether team members had any dietary requirements. Unfortunately, Alvin, who is vegan, could not eat any of the food that was available and needed to buy lunch from a local cafe and temporarily leave the event.

At the same IT team activity day, several physical games were played. These activities did not cater for Danielle, who has rheumatoid arthiritis, and Orlando, who has cerebral palsy. Both Danielle and Orlando could not participate and simply watched.

You are currently investigating a harrassment complain brought by one of the female employees against a male co-worker. In a formal meeting with the woman, she described an incident where a male co-worker from a European country, made what she felt was an inappropriate comments to her. At lunch one day, he remarked that he “found her extremely attractive’ and touched her shoulder. She felt that the remarks was scompletely out of line because he is married and she became extremely upset. She has refused to have any further contact with hime and is angry at his continued attempts to talk with her When you spoke with hime, he explained that he meant the remarks as a compliment and has been try to apologise.

Base on the scenarios given above, you are now required to address the following tasks:

Q1: What will you locate the diversity policy based on the scenarios and how will you review the relevant policy?
Q2: How you determine the supplication of the specific policy to the context of the above based scenarios?
Q3: Specify actions you would ensure that diversity policy in understand and implemented by all parties.
Q4: How will you collect feedback and ideas from various sources to ensure currency and efficacy of a diversity policy?
Q5: How you aim for diversity in selecting and recruiting staff and recognised the underpinning sex discrimination requirements?
Q6: Identify training needs to address issues of different in the team.
Q7: Describe how you will manage allegation of harrassment and address each diversity issue according to established organisational conflict resolution procedures.
Q8: When addressing current diversity issues and complex situation, explain how you will identity and outline key features of relevant current legislation?