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SM Amity DBM assignments

Section A
1. How do you differentiate between Strategy and Strategic Management?
a. A strategy is a long term action plan designed to achieve a specific goal or series of goals within an organizational framework. Strategic management is the process of building capabilities that allow a firm to create value for customers, shareholders, and society while operating in competitive markets.
b. What is your understanding of ‘Policy’?
c. What are the characteristics of Strategic decision?
d. Write down some definitions of Strategic Management?

2. a. What is Vision and Mission? Enumerate its elements.
b. Write down your company’s vision and mission statements and discuss whether these fit in your definitions.
c. What are goals and Objectives?
d. What are the main features of objectives?
e. State factors affecting objectives. Distinguish between official objectives and operative objectives.

3. What are the basic social obligations of a business organization? Do these conflicts with the profit objective of the business? What is social audit? Analyse the mission and objectives of your own organization. Evaluate and write down to what extent does the organization follows social responsibility and its objectives?

4. What is the concept of environment? Search the library and other sources of information to predict the type of environment managers are likely to face ten years hence. Analyse the environment scanning process in your own organization and evaluate how it will face the environment which is fast developing as per your analysis above?

5. Explain the role of SWOT analysis as a tool of facilitating strategic choice at the business level. How is it similar / dissimilar to the grand strategy clusters?

Section B
1. What is core competence? Explain with some examples? Can you list your company’s core competencies? What is organizational culture? Why is it important?

2. Explain the role of three behavioral considerations in strategy examination and choice. What are the advantages of Centralisation and Decentralisation? How does having exceptionally competent people at lower levels in the organization facilitate decentralization?
3. Explain the relationship between resource commitments to strat egy activation? It is said, ‘People are not like other resources’. Take a position and defend it. Distinguish between ‘Power’ and ‘Politics’?


Please analyse the enclosed case – WS Industries and answer the following question.
You should not only refer to the facts and the situation in the case, but also explain
and elaborate your understanding of the issues.
It has been observed that “WS industries strat egic success has been the synergy it was able to establish with its competencies to supply core components and its competitive advantage in terms of price’.
A case is written description of an organization covering a certain period of time. It is a simulation of almost close to real life. There is no such thing a complete case. In real life too, we never have complete facts while taking a decision. Therefore in analyzing a case you must keep in mind that there are no rights or wrong answers.
The purpose is to allow the participants to demonstrate their understanding of the concepts and their ability to apply the same to the issues of the case. The analysis should be realistic and feasible. It is important to identify issues and develop sound reasoning to support your recommendations.

Assignment – C
(Objective type Questions) Total Marks -10
1. Can objectives be arranges in hiera rchy? Yes/No
2. Companies do not have a conscience? Yes/No
3. Does environment a ffect the organization? Yes/No
4. Environment has six main facets Yes/No
5. Are they important? Ca n you name them? Yes/No
6. Do internal environment. Factors effect strategy formulation? Yes/No
7. Domestic level analysis does not differ from multinational analysis? Yes/No
8. Do you agree that soon all industries will have to evaluate global environment?
9. Skills and Abilities of the individual you would like to hire as the environmental forecaster for your Rs. 500 corers sales organization. Would be same for a smaller and larger group? Can you list some Skills and abilities Yes/No
10. Do you know what is an SBU? Yes/No
11. SBU’s do not have to pursue economic goals? Yes/No
12. ROI, Payback Period, IRR and NPV are tools of decision making? Yes/No
13. Does Vertical integration result in improved product quality? Can you explain?
14. Does a product, service or industry have life life-cycle? Yes/No
15. Can you draw life cycle curve and label the phases it depicts? Yes/No
16. A company does not need a contingency Strategy? Yes/No
17. Do you understand why is it required? Yes/No
18. Is centralized organization more responsive t o dynamic environment Yes/No
19. Is it true that top management policies should be broad, general, and flexible while that of the lower level policies should be explicit, narrow, and rigid? Yes/No
20 Do you know what are the policies which might exist in finance, marketing, personnel, and production called? Yes/No
21 They are nor-functional? Yes/No
22 Is corporate culture, in your view, a strategic tool? Yes/No
23 Or is it a strategic constraint? Yes/No
24 Do you know the steps of strategy implementation? Can you list them? Yes/No
25 Policies and strategy implementation? Yes/No
26 Annual objectives are not needed when there are long term objectives already available? Yes/No
27 Strategy formulation and implementation are often taken separately? Yes/No
28 Do you know the reasons for the unsuccessful implementation of strategy? Yes/No
29 Personal factors are not important in strategic choice? Yes/No
30 Are you aware of Strategic Control? Can you explain? Yes/No
31 Do you understand what is Operational Control? Can you elaborate? Yes/No
32 Can you define Strategy Review and Control? Yes/No
33 Is it necessary as a final stage of strategic management? Do you know why?
34 There are various qualitative and quantitative criteria for strategy review and control? Do you know these? Yes/No
35 Are you familiar with the term Performance Gap in strategic management? Yes/No
36 Performance needs to be increased? Yes/No
37 Implementation Controls, Strategic Surveillance, and Special Alerts, signify same activities? Yes/No
38 Operation Control has no logical steps? Yes/No
39 Standards need not be as concrete and specific as possible? Yes/No
40 Net profit is accurate indicator of success for a foreign subsidiary? Yes/No
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