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Any Three
Q1.What are various approaches of MIS development in the Organization? Explain any two approaches in detail.
Q2.What are the benefits and limitations of the relational database model for business applications today? Why is the Object-oriented database model gaining acceptance for developing applications and managing the hypermedia databases at business websites?
Q3.What are the business benefit and management problems of client/server networks? Discuss also in Network Computing and Peer-to-peer networks?

Amity Case Study Solution

Mr. Joshua , Director of the ZION Bank has Customers all over world. A customer may have one or more accounts in the Bank wide spread across one or more branches. Customers open bank accounts with a specified opening balance and thereafter may either deposit funds into the account or withdraws accounts from them. The transactions involve the opening of accounts, assignments of Account Numbers, Deposit and Withdrawal transactions etc. One of the most frequent requests for specific transactions carried out in the Bank. Customers would often want to transfer funds from one account of theirs to another. The account Numbering scheme now uniquely identifies the Bank Branch to which the account belongs. Customers often travel to the bank branch to request for a new cheque book. To ensure that Customers are ensured of high level security, the E-Banking services need to provide Customers with a unique Personal Identification password which can be changed from time to time. All Services areaccessible only on correct password verification. The Customer may also look for information on Interest rates on Fixed Term Deposits which often change from time to time.

Q1.How Mr. Joshua is going to maintain information on Bank branches and security password information on customers.
Q2.Draw MIS design for the above case study covering every aspect of e-Bank

MCQ of mba assignment

Q1: HTML is used to create
a. machine language program
b. high level program
c. Web Page
d. Web server

Q2: What encourages users of a product or service supplied by a B2C company to ask friends to join in as well?
a. Spam
b. Viral marketing
c. Affliated programs
d. none of the mentioned

Q3: ALU is
a. Arithmetic Logic Unit
b. Array Logic Unit
c. Application Logic Unit
d. None of above

Q4: The ……………….. is defined as a set of activities performed across the organization creating as output of value to the customer
a. development process
b. business process
c. quality process
d. customer focus

Q5: Which one is not a recognised key skill of management?
a. Conceptual skills
b. Human skills
c. Technical skills
d. Writing skills

Q6: MIS normally found in a manufacturing organization will not be suitable in the ______.
a. Service sector
b. Banking sector
c. Agriculture sector
d. All of the above

Q7: Internet access by transmitting digital data over the wires of a local telephone network is provided by
a. leased line
b. digital subscriber line
c. digital signal line
d. none of the mentioned

Q8: Which of the following provides reliable communication?
a. TCP
b. IP
c. UDP
d. All of the above

Q9: DBMS is a collection of .. that enables user to create and maintain a database.
a. Keys
b. Translators
c. Programs
d. Language activity

Q10: “To improve the performance of a business process, which of the following is most relevant?”
a. Input
b. Processing
c. Control and Feddback
d. Output

Q11: The topology with highest reliability is ?
a. Bus Topology
b. Star topology
c. Ring topology
d. Mesh topology

Q12: In which website Global Easy Buy is facilitated?
d. None of these

Q13: A logical schema
a. is the entire database
b. is a standard way of organizing information into accessible parts
c. describes how data is actually stored on disk
d. All of the above

Q14: Which of the following is not an example of a business process?
a. designing a new product
b. hiring an employee
c. purchasing services
d. testing software

Q15: Internal information for MIS may come from any one of the following department
a. Customers care department
b. HR Department
c. Marketing Department
d. Production Department

Q16: What does Management information systems (MIS) do?
a. create and share documents that support day-today office activities
b. “process business transactions (e.g., time cards, payments, orders, etc.) ”
c. capture and reproduce the knowledge of an expert problem solver
d. use the transaction data to produce information needed by managers to run the business

Q17: The best products to sell in B2C e-commerce are
a. Small products
b. Digital products
c. Speciality products
d. fresh products

Q18: At what level of an organisation does a corporate manager operate?
a. Functional
b. Operational
c. Middle level
d. Top level

Q19: “If a university sets up a web-based information system that faculty could access to record student grades and to advise students, that would be an example of a/an”
a. CRM
b. Intranet
c. ERP
d. Extranet

Q20: ” ________ can occur at the individual, group, organizational or extra-organizational level.”
a. Planning
b. Controlling
c. Organizing
d. Scheduling

Q21: Quality of the information depends on which of the following factors?
a. Input Data
b. System Design
c. Data Processing
d. All of the above

Q22: eectronic publishing and collaboration is task of which information system?
a. Management Information System
b. Decision support system
c. Executive information System
d. Office automation

Q23: Which of the following is not a class of information system applications?
a. Database management System
b. Decision support system
c. Expert system
d. Management Information System

Q24: “A system is called ………………… when the inputs, process and the outputs are known with certainty.”
a. Probabilistic
b. Deterministic
c. Open
d. Close

Q25: The detailed study of the information needs of users and any information system presently used is called
a. System analysis
b. Systems design
c. Systems approach
d. System Testing

Q26: “what do you mean by “”Orderly grouping of interdependent components linked together for a specific purpose “””
a. System
b. Process
c. Design
d. Components

Q27: The expert system uses a(n) ____________ to select the most appropriate response
a. inference
b. Decision support system
c. Data Source
d. Knowledge Base

Q28: Which of the following is a repetitive decision?
a. non programmed
b. Programmed
c. Novel
d. None of the above

Q29: Which of the following is part of a static view of information?
a. Logical data model
b. Meta data
c. Data flow model
d. Information process model

Q30: Which of the following is not a characteristic of good information?
a. Interchangeability
b. Relevance
c. Cost effectiveness
d. Timeliness

Q31: select the sequence of simons model for decision making?
a. Design- choice- intelligence
b. intelligence- choice – Design
c. intelligence- Design- choice
d. choice – intelligence- Design

Q32: The basic component of DSS is
a. Database
b. Model Base
c. DSS Software System
d. All of the above

Q33: what are the factors responsible for MIS development?
a. internal factors
b. External factors
c. Neither internal nor external
d. Both internal nor external

Q34: GDSS is the short form of
a. Group Decision Support System
b. Group Discussion Support System
c. Group Decision Service System
d. Group Discussion Support Source

Q35: What are various tools for development of the system
a. system Components
b. Information system
c. Data Flow Diagram
d. Levels of management

Q36: Development of departmental budget takes into account which type of information?
a. Operational
b. Statistical
c. Tactical information
d. Day -to- Day

Q37: Which system is considered as successful system?
a. A data processing system
b. Information processing system
c. Facts processing system
d. Subsystem

Q38: Why was system considered as assembly of sub systems?
a. To enrich effeciency
b. to enhance performance
c. To reduce system Complexity
d. All of the above

Q39: Decision trees could be represented in different ways such as
a. Bottom to Top
b. Left to right
c. Top to Bottom
d. All of the above

Q40: imparting incomplete or imperfect information is?
a. Result of failed MIS
b. A successful MIS
c. Perfectly developed system
d. system with proper analysis and design

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