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Each subject contain 3 assignments part. Example are mention

Amity Assigments – A

Q1. Describe The Holy Panchayat story in short.
Q2. What is the plot summary of PanchParmeshwer?
Q3. Describe the relationship that the women have with books in Ambai’s story Squirrel.
Q4. Explain the past resurrected/surreal techniques.
Q5. Explain analysis of The Card Sharper’s Daughter.
Q6. “If you happen to have daughters, steel your heart and murdered the in cold blood”, explain them.
Q7. Describe critical analysis of the Dance of the Eunuchs by Kamala Das.
Q8. Explain the phrase: “peace of understanding”.

Amity Assigments – B

Q1. What is a figure of speech in Night of the Scorpion? Explain.
Q2. Explain critical summary and analysis of Rose of God’ by Sri Aurobindo.
Q3. What is the summary of the poem “Our Casuarina Tree” written by Toru Dutt?

Objective Type

Generally its contain 40 mcq question. Let us know if still any doubt.